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Our new schedule at the Multiplex has been updated and posted on our website calendar and on the forum.


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Here is some helpful club information. Please note that most of this information is already on the club Website under Frequently Asked Questions:

Club Mission Statement
WWK is primarily a whitewater kayaking club engaged in activities related to kayaking which include but are not limited to: recreational kayaking on lakes or rivers, whitewater slalom racing, freestyle whitewater, whitewater Downriver racing, and canoe (kayak) polo. We aim to further the skills of all Members in any kayaking venue they enjoy, by providing qualified instruction, training, and facilitation of an active club trip schedule. We also offer our services to the public at large with an emphasis on providing positive kayaking experiences to youth groups.

Club Membership
The cost for an individual membership is $30/person/year and $60/family/year (for all immediate family members residing at the same location), and fee’s will be reduced after September 30 to $20/person/year and $40/family/year. Membership year is Jan 1- Dec 31.

We ask that after attending a pool session that your membership be paid at the start of your next pool session.

We have two primary methods of club communication:

1. We have the club Website. That address is: Also you can just type in Wapiti Whitewater Kayakers at GOOGLE and you can find us. The website is not updated as frequently as the club forum which can be linked from the website.
2. The club forum which can be linked the from club website. This is where you can look at late breaking information, ask questions put up trip reports, find out about club trips. This is presently open to anyone.

Winter Indoor Programs:

Adult Lesson Program (Lesson Program is on hold)
Every fall and in the new year a indoor adult lesson program is offered for a cost of $150 (new rate starting in 2006) for five 1.5 hour sessions. These sessions are on Friday nights from 9-11 pm with the first 1/2 hour being theory. All equipment is supplied and the course takes one from the basics of paddling through to preparation for outdoor paddling. After the first session part of each session will also work on bracing, self rescues and the Eskimo roll. Participants must be comfortable under and above water.

Youth Sessions
Every fall and in the new year, youth programs are offered. See the forum for details.

Friday Night Paddling Sessions
Friday Night Pool Sessions are approximately every two weeks on Friday nights from 9:30-11 pm at the Leisure Centre swimming pool.

Costs for Friday night sessions are. $12/person is using you own gear or if using club gear $15/person. Must be a club member to participate.

There is a 50% discount for club members 21 years of age and under.

Every second session is a first timers night where new comers are welcome. After your first, first timers night at the next session you will have to join the club. Please note that there is a maximum of 6 first timers on a first timers night. By putting a post on our site, you secure your spot. If you have to cancel please post that so that others may fill your spot.

Saturday Afternoon Canoe Polo Sessions
Cost is $8/person if you have your own kayak polo kayak, or $10 if you are using one from the club. You must be a club member. This will be recreational polo so all levels of ability are welcome.
Hope to see you out. If you are not interested in polo the shallow end can be used. That is $5/person.

There is a 50% discount for club members 21 years of age and under.

For all Pool Sessions
PRESENTLY RESERVATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED except for first timers night, but it is a good idea to put a post on the forum so we know how many people are coming.


Summer Outdoor Programs:

Summer Lessons (2009 Summer Schedule TBA)
Usually in two occasions during the summer we run a lesson program instructing people from the basics up to class 2- moving water. These programs run at a cost of approx $175 for a 2.5 day course, and will be announced in the spring of each year. Typically the lessons run with a pool session on Friday night from 9:30-11 pm, all day Saturday on a lake/river and all day Sunday on moving water.

Summer Scheduled Weekend Trips
Many scheduled weekend trips are run with just our club or in conjunction with other kayaking clubs at local and more distant rivers. Please note that we make sure that there is a special emphasis on easier rivers trips or flat-water paddling, where families and younger kids can participate, especially earlier in the year. Look at the website schedule for these dates. Please note that you must paddle within your ability and trip leaders reserve the right not to allow you on a trip that is beyond your ability. It is for your safety.

Summer Impromptu Trips
Many river trip announcements are done on a short notice by being posted on the forum. Please note that you must paddle within your ability and trip leaders reserve the right not to allow you on a trip that is beyond your ability. It is for your safety.

Alberta Summer Games
Our club has a great history of participation and medals at the Alberta Summer games slalom, downriver and Canoe Polo events. The 2010 ASG will be help in Peace River. We believe the age of qualification may be 11-17 (during 2010). We have a core of 8 young paddlers with trained and/or participated in the 2008 ASG and we welcome other youngsters to join us.

Club Rental Policy
Club members are welcome to rent kayaking equipment at a minimal charge for any club event. Before renting there is a rental policy and safety protocol that is in effect and that members need to be aware of. The policy is:

During the week, club boats are available free for local trips for club members. The Wapiti, Red Willow, Ivy Lake, Bear Reservoir, Bear Lake, Musreau Lake and Spring Lake are considered local - all other water bodies are not.

On weekends, the equipment is available for the following rental fees:

$10 - per day for a boat, paddle, spraydeck, and float bags. (combined)

$5 - per day for helmet, PFD, and wetsuit (combined or individually)

Equipment is picked up on Fridays and returned Monday nights.

On Fridays or Mondays of long weekends a rental fee is charged.

The following long term rates apply:

$85 - per week for a boat, paddle, spraydeck, and float bags. (combined)

$115 - per week for a boat, paddle, spraydeck, float bags, helmet, PFD, and wetsuit (last 3 items combined or individually)

$250- June, July, August summer rental.

Please Note:
We do not rent to non-members. When a club special event takes place (ie: a canoe polo event, lessons, a slalom race) then the club equipment is prioritized for that event. Rentals will only be allowed if there is excess equipment available. Typically this has not been a problem. Equipment is only allowed on WWK or other AWA sanctioned trips. i.e: Equipment is not to be used on class V rivers. Qualified river leaders must be present on all trips when club equipment is used. The executive have the right to question on any rental what the equipment will be used for, and if it does not follow the club safety protocol, rental may be refused. It is the responsibility of the renter to repair or replace any damaged equipment. The decision to repair or replace is made by a WWK executive member.

Club Safety Protocol
Depending on the type of paddling i.e. flatwater, river running, whitewater or Canoe Polo, this sport may not be for everyone. Participants in kayaking must be capable swimmers, wear safety gear, take qualified instruction, follow safe paddling guidelines and be comfortable above and BELOW water.

While we take many measures to ensure safety and provide competent instruction., like all sports, this sport has a element of risk. Depending on the type of paddling, determines the risk. Without question whitewater paddling poses the highest risk in the activities that we do.

To make it clear to people how we try to manage safety the following protocol was established:

- We only rent gear to club members

- Everyone who joins us in kayaking signs a waiver and pays their membership.

- The first thing that ALL are required to do, is three wet exits.

- Following at least one evening of being able to competently flatwater paddle, to accomplish a proper low brace and to demonstrated stability and control, then one must do;

- At least 3 trips on either Lower Bear Creek or the Wapiti river (class -2) demonstrating competency (including good low and possible high bracing techniques, then

- At least 3 trips on the Simonette or the Sakunka or the Red Willow (class 2) demonstrating competency with good low and high bracing and a 50% roll, then

- at this point the individuals skill and experience and appropriateness for each river is evaluated.

We do not encourage paddling alone on whitewater (less that 3 there should never be).

For paddling alone on flatwater, the individual must be a capable swimmer and understand and be capable of self-rescue.

Hope to see you on the water.
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Club Information
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